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What is the AppJam+ Program?

The AppJam+ program is the main outreach initiative of Dreams for Schools which oversees programs and initiatives that contribute to educating youth about Science, Technology, Engineering & Math fields. The mission of Dreams for Schools is to inspire, create and educate students to be STEM literate with hard and soft skills needed to become the critical thinkers, creative leaders and technologists of tomorrow. 

AppJam+ is a program in which the concept of building software in a short period of time is used as a tool to excite and inform middle school students about STEM career fields while teaching them the creative and hands on technical process of mobile application development. Middle school students receive mentorship from college undergraduates and learn to make Mobile apps which will be utilized by early learners. 

Click here to Watch our 2016 Spring Showcase Video Recap to learn more about the program!

Program growth over the years: 

5th Iteration in 2016: The AppJam+ program has expanded for the year to launch the 1st Spring Program with 3 schools, the 1st Summer program with 4 schools in a partnership with Orange County Department of Education, while continuing our Fall program with 5 Schools. 

4th Iteration in 2015: AppJam+ partnered with UC Irvine & Saddleback Community College to help bring the program to the following 5 sites: Saint Anne School in Santa Ana, Girls Inc. of Orange County, Walton Intermediate with Boys & Girls Club of Garden Grove,  McGarvin Intermediate with Boys & Girls Club of Garden Grove, & Harbor Day School. 

3rd Iteration in 2014: AppJam+ continued its expansion this year with 2 University Partners and 5 sites. The new University partner added alongside UC Irvine included Saddleback Community College to help serve the South County students. The 2014 program served close to 100 students at the following sites: Girls Inc. of Orange County, Boys & Girls club of Garden Grove, Harbor Day School, Tarbut V'Torah, & Tiger Woods Learning Center.

2nd Iteration in 2013: AppJam+ continued its growth in 2013 by expanding the 10 week program to 5 different site locations. The program took place at after-school programs at the following sites: Girls Inc. of Orange County, Boys & Girls club of Garden Grove, Harbor Day School, Tarbut V'Torah, & Tiger Woods Learning Center. There were over 80 middle school students enrolled as part of the AppJam+ 2013 program and over 20 university mentors. 

1st Pilot Iteration in 2012: AppJam+ kicked off in September 2012 with a group of 50+ students. Two classes were taught over the span of 8 weeks - one class with 17 students at the Tiger Woods Learning Center in Anaheim & the second class with 25 students at the Rancho San Joaquin Middle School in Irvine. Both classes were taught as after-school programs with mentors who were recruited from UC Irvine to commit their time to teach the students and helping expose them to technology gage their interest in STEM. 

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